E Tendering

E-Tendering refers specifically to tendering that is based, at least in part,on the use of Internet technology. The site is a complete internet based e-tendering solution. This means that no software resides on either the procurer’s or the supplier’s own computers and that all exchanges of documentation are done electronically on-line.

Benefits of eTendering

  • In addition to supporting the Governments’ revised targets for conducting business electronically by 2005, there are also business benefits for both the Emergency Services and their Suppliers.
  • Reduced costs associated with advertising, printing, copying, postage, administration and stationery associated with the traditional paper based response process.
  • Easy to use software interface.
  • Environmentally friendly due to a predominantly ‘paperless’ process.
  • Simplified tender and procurement process for both suppliers and procurement officers.
  • Round-the-clock quick and easy access to tendering information.
  • Regular reminders of important deadlines in the tender award process.
  • Provides more secure access to tender information than traditional hard copy process.
  • Responses from suppliers remain secure and privileged until the closing date.
  • All communications can be tracked in a clear legally binding audit trail.The need for an audit trail to be secure and reliable is a requirement under the freedom of information act 2000.
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